jueves, 21 de agosto de 2008

Se nos fue otro grande, Phil Guy 1940-2008

El hermano de Buddy hoy dejo de existir atacado por un cancer de prostata, otro mas, pero dejo un legado
muy importante para los sonidos del blues. Lo extrañaremos.
RIP Phil Guy 4/28/1940-8/20/2008: This news form Steve Hecht of Piedmont Talent and Buddy Guy's Legends: Guitarist/vocalist Phil Guy, the younger brother of the legendary Buddy Guy, passed away today at St. James Hospital in Olympia Fields, IL, after a battle with kidney and liver cancer. He was 68. Born April 28, 1940 in Lettsworth, Louisiana, Phil learned to play guitar as a child. He followed in Buddy's footsteps, playing after him with Baton Rouge artists Big Poppa and Raful Neal. He recorded as accompanist for his brother in 1957, for Raful Neal around 1958, and for Slim Harpo in the mid-60s. He joined his brother's band in Chicago in 1969, and has been based there ever since. He has worked and recorded with many of the city's leading artists, such as his brother, Junior Wells, Byther Smith, and Jimmy Dawkins. Phil began focusing his efforts on advancing his own musical career during the 80's and he developed a solid reputation as a tough, electrified Chicago blues guitarist. He toured all around the world; and though he never achieved the fame or recognition that his brother did, he was considered a star in his own right. His recordings are numerous and appear on labels such as JSP, Wolf, Isabel, and Red Lightning. Memorial info forthcoming.

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